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|| {{attachment:annot-desikan-m.jpg}} || {{attachment:annot-destrieux-m.jpg}}|| || {{attachment:Yeo2011_JNeurophysiol_7networks_medial_confidence.png}} || {{attachment:annot-destrieux-m.jpg}}||


Resting State Cortical Parcellation

Desikan-Killiany Atlas (aparc.annot)

Destrieux Atlas (aparc.a2009s.annot)



Resting State Cortical Parcellation in fsaverage, fsaverage6 and fsaverage5 space

Movies of Seed-based Functional Connectivity


Yeo BT, Krienen FM, Sepulcre J, Sabuncu MR, Lashkari D, Hollinshead M, Roffman JL, Smoller JW, Zollei L., Polimeni JR, Fischl B, Liu H, Buckner RL (2011) The organization of the human cerebral cortex estimated by functional connectivity. J. Neurophysiol. In Press.

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