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Please refer to this site/make edits here for the most updated information: https://partnershealthcare.sharepoint.com/sites/LCN/SitePages/Namic-Timeline-Discussion.aspx

April 11, 2006 Notes

  • identify test set data set for registration
    • ideas:
      • use Diana's data set for sensitivities
      • use upgrade data set for within subject registration
    • metric could be to register and compare scans made within weeks of each other
    • goal is to correct for eddy current
  • Josh, Dennis will attend Friday Journal club meetings
  • Mark has alternative unwarping that takes into account the physics of image captures
    • be aware of license conflicts
  • meet with Lauren to pick her brain at some point
    • reorientation of DTI
    • tensor interpolation
  • explore plug & play layer for interfacing between namic kit and freesurfer formats (MRI -> namic)

  • tensor estimation
    • see what slicer has and decide if we want to port what we have to ITK
    • Josh will ask Steve about this
  • POIStat
  • namic UNC meeting
    • Josh and Dennis will make 4-5 slides
      • POIStats with pictures
      • contributation to namic

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