FreeSurfer Tutorial Datasets


The following commands will install the complete tutorial dataset (~8GB) on your machine. Afterwards, you should have a folder called tutorial_data in your working directory.

curl -o tutorial_data.tar.gz
tar -xzvf tutorial_data.tar.gz
rm tutorial_data.tar.gz


In order to run the tutorials, users must define an environment variable called TUTORIAL_DATA, which must be set to the tutorial_data root directory containing the extracted data (i.e. the directories 'buckner_data', 'long-tutorial', 'fsfast-functional', etc.). The tutorials make frequent use of the TUTORIAL_DATA environment variable and it need to be set properly for any of the tutorials to work. For example:

export TUTORIAL_DATA=/path/to/your/tutorial/dir

buckner_data                    fsfast-functional
diffusion_recons                fsfast-tutorial.subjects
diffusion_tutorial              long-tutorial

If you see something similar to the above output, you are now ready to start the Freesurfer tutorials.

FreeSurfer Tutorial Datasets 5.1/5.3

Below are links to the previous versions of the tutorial dataset that correspond to freesurfer version 5.1 and 5.3:

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