How to insert an image into a wiki page

This page describes the steps for inserting an image into a wiki page. You could figure this out from the official wiki instructions but it's less than obvious.



Upload a jpg or gif image

* Use the AttachFile link in the Actions section of the wiki menu.
* Give it a name that's unique amongst attachments for this page, say 'myimage.gif.
* If you uploaded images for this page previously, the AttachFile page shows you a list to remind you.

Return to page you were editing

After uploading the file, the Wiki again presents you with the Attachments page, now listing the file you uploaded.
* You can copy the text "attachment:myimage.gif" to be ready for the next step.
* You can click the "Clear message" link near the top of the page to return to the page you were editing.

Insert image link in your wiki page

This has to follow the format:


Example, as seen in editor

Blah blah blah blah attachment:myimage.gif blah blah blah 

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