Cut/Fill (-<no>fill)

This creates the subcortical mass from which the orig surface is created. The mid brain is cut from the cerebrum, and the hemispheres are cut from each other. The left hemisphere is binarized to 255. The right hemisphere is binarized to 127. The input is mri/wm.mgz and the output is mri/filled.mgz. Calls mri_fill. If the cut fails, then seed points can be supplied (see -cc-crs, -pons-crs, -lh-crs, -rh-crs). The actual points used for the cutting planes in the corpus callosum and pons can be found in scripts/ponscc.cut.log. The stage -autorecon2-wm begins here. This is the last stage of volumetric processing. If -noaseg is used, then aseg.mgz is not used by mri_fill.


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