Concatenates input data sets.




Optional Flagged Arguments

--o out


--i invol


--f listfile

List file has a text list of files (up to 40000)


Computes paired sum (1+2, 3d+4, ect.)


Computes paired average (1+2, 3d+4, ect.)


Computes paired difference (1-2, 3d-4, ect.)


Same as paired difference but scale by TP1, 2 average


Same as paired difference but scale by TP1


Same as paired difference but scale by TP2


Normalize frames by mean of all TP


Normalize frames by TP1

--mtx matrix.asc

Multiply by matrix in ascii file

--gmean Ng

Create matrix to average Ng groups, Nper=Ntot/Ng


Average frames from non-zero voxels. Useful to combine lh.ribbon.mgz and rh.ribbon.mgz.


Write output in same datatype as input. Default is to write output in Float format


Take absolute value of input


Set input negatives to 0


Set input positives to 0


Compute mean of concatenated volumes


Compute median of concatenated volumes


Compute mean per nframes (good for variance)


Compute sum of concatenated volumes


Compute variance of concatenated volumes


Compute standard deviation of concatenated volumes


Compute maximum of concatenated volumes


Compute index of maximum of concatenated volumes (1-based)


Maximum index setting to 0 any voxel where all frames are 0)

--max-index-add val

Add value to non-zero matrix indices


Compute minimum of concatenated volumes

--rep N

Replicate N times (over frame)


Normalize time series at each voxel and fraction of occurances


Compute voxel-wise conjunction concatenated volumes


Most frequent value at each voxel and fraction of occurances


Sort each voxel by ascending frame value

--tar1 dofadjust

Compute temporal ar1


Set vox to 0 unless all frames are non-zero


Output is pca. U is output.u.mtx and S is output.stats.dat

--pca-mask mask

Only use voxels whose mask is greater than 0.5


Computes spatial covariance matrix


Computes max and bonferroni correct (assumes -log10(p))

--mul mulvar

Multiply by mulvar

--add addval

Add addval

--mask maskfile

mask used with --vote or --sort


Root mean square. square, sum, divide by n frames, square root, eg. combine memprage


Do not check inputs (faster)


Prints out information on how to use this program


Prints out version and exits


  mri_concat --i f1.mgh --i f2.mgh --o cout.mgh
  mri_concat f1.mgh f2.mgh --o cout.mgh
  mri_concat f*.mgh --o cout.mgh
  mri_concat f*.mgh --o coutmn.mgh --mean
  mri_concat f*.mgh --o coutdiff.mgh --paired-diff
  mri_concat f*.mgh --o coutdiff.mgh --paired-diff-norm
  mri_concat f*.mgh --o coutdiff.mgh --paired-diff-norm1

Conjunction takes the min of the abs across frames at each voxel. The output value at the voxel is the min, including the true sign of the min. Eg, if the two frames are:


Nichols, Brett, Andersson, Wager, and Poline NeuroImage, Volume 25, Issue 3, 15 April 2005, 653-660

Reporting Bugs

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