Changes white matter (WM) segmentation so that the neighbors of all voxels labeled as WM have a face in common - no edges or corners allowed.


mri_pretess [options] filledvol labelstring normvol newfilledvol


 -debug_voxel C R S
 -nocorners : no removal of corner configurations in addition to edge ones
 -w : turn on diagnostic writing
 -keep : keep WM edits
 -test : adds a voxel that should be removed by mri_pretess.
  The value of the voxel is set to that of an ON-edited WM,
  so it should be kept with -keep. The output will NOT be saved.


  filledvol    is usually wm.mgz
  labelstring  is usually wm (127 for rh, 255 for lh)
  normvol      is usually norm.mgz
  newfilledvol is usually wm.mgz

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