Parcellation Statistics (-<no>parcstats, -<no>parcstats2)

Runs mris_anatomical_stats to create a summary table of cortical parcellation statistics for each structure, including

  1. structure name
  2. number of vertices
  3. total surface area (mm^2)
  4. total gray matter volume (mm^3)
  5. average cortical thickness (mm)
  6. standard error of cortical thicknessr (mm)
  7. integrated rectified mean curvature
  8. integrated rectified Gaussian curvature
  9. folding index
  10. intrinsic curvature index.

For -parcstats, the file is saved in stats/?h.aparc.stats.

For -parcstats2, the file is saved in stats/?h.aparc.a2005s.stats.


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