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[DIFF] 41m ago Info BevinBrett [1-2]
[DIFF] 17:38 Info EmmaBoyd [1-7] #02 added reason for using brain.e3
#03 information on motion plot added
#04 -per-run vs -per-session info
#05 changed description of -per-run to match slides
#06 changed wording of -mni305 flag for preproc-sess
#07 adding info on -s flag for preproc-sess
[DIFF] 17:09 Info EmmaBoyd [1]
EmmaBoyd [2-9]
#01 changing --cwpvalthresh .0166 to --cwp 0.5 --3spaces
#03 added vlrmerge info: Subcortical results are limited to subcortical regions because of the subcortical mask (-scm) applied.
#08 added info on specifying multiple contrast flags to isxconcat-sess
#09 added definition of isxconcat-sess
[DIFF] 17:08 Info EmmaBoyd
[DIFF] 17:06 Info EmmaBoyd
[DIFF] 15:53 Info EmmaBoyd [1-7] #01 changed description of weightings for 3.3
#05 added definition of selxavg
[DIFF] 14:53 Info LeahMorgan [1-14] #03 Upload of attachment '0004_120_after.jpg' .
#04 Upload of attachment '0004_120_before.jpg '.
#05 Upload of attachment '0004_long2_145_afte r.jpg'.
#06 Upload of attachment '0004_long2_145_befo re.jpg'.
#07 Upload of attachment '0004_tp1_125_after. jpg'.
#08 Upload of attachment '0004_tp1_125_before .jpg'.
#09 Upload of attachment '0004_tp2_66bm_after .jpg'.
#10 Upload of attachment '0004_tp2_66bm_befor e.jpg'.
#11 Upload of attachment '0004_tp2_66t1_befor e.jpg'.
[DIFF] 13:51 Info EmmaBoyd added definition of wmfir
[DIFF] 11:29 Info EmmaBoyd [1-8] #03 Upload of attachment 'topo_after_slice57. png'.
#04 Upload of attachment 'tksurferoverlay.jpg '.
#05 Upload of attachment 'tksurferimage.jpg'.
#08 updating "previous" link
[DIFF] 10:13 Info EmmaBoyd [1-6] #03 Upload of attachment 'flowchart.png'.
#04 Attachment 'troubleshoot.png' deleted.
#05 Upload of attachment 'troubleshoot.png'.
[DIFF] 10:10 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 09:46 Info EmmaBoyd updating "previous" link
[DIFF] 09:46 Info EmmaBoyd updating "previous" link
[DIFF] 09:44 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 09:44 Info EmmaBoyd updating "previous" link
[DIFF] 09:43 Info EmmaBoyd updating "previous" link
[DIFF] 09:40 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 17:51 Info DougGreve
[DIFF] 17:21 Info MorganFogarty
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[DIFF] 00:21 Info BevinBrett [1-2]
[DIFF] 23:58 Info BevinBrett [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:09 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 10:21 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 10:20 Info MorganFogarty [1-2]
[DIFF] 09:17 Info BramDiamond
[DIFF] 03:06 Info BevinBrett [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:15 Info MorganFogarty
[DIFF] 01:44 Info BevinBrett
[DIFF] 01:44 Info BevinBrett [1-2]
[DIFF] 15:08 Info MorganFogarty [1-2]
[DIFF] 10:16 Info EmmaBoyd
[DIFF] 15:46 Info NickSchmansky
[DIFF] 11:42 Info MorganFogarty [1-2]
[DIFF] 07:38 Info AllisonStevens added info on ID at the security desk

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